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The DigiCor Crypto Monitor, August 17th 2018

Market Dashboard In the Market The market continued to shed value as the total market cap dropped this week by $18 billion bringing the total market’s value to $215 billion. This week, the sell-off was more pronounced in the smaller cap coins, causing the DigiCor Equal Weighted (DCEX) Index to underperform the DigiCor Market Cap Weighted (DCX) Index. […]

  • The DigiCor Thesis – Why We Think Everyone Should Invest in Crypto

    Introduction   The Blockchain is a revolutionary technology which promises to transform in a fundamental way the underlying infrastructure of many industries. Companies whose business models rely on solving complex logistical problems (e.g. broker/dealers) are at most risk of being displaced by this technology. For instance, the role that banks play as a money transmission […]

  • Why you can fork but not replicate Bitcoin

    When meeting with sophisticated investors, about getting exposure to crypto via our Index Fund, I tend to hear the standard concerns such as lack of unclear regulations, price volatility, and obscure crypto valuations model etc. Another concern I often hear is why should I invest in Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency, when the source code is […]

  • Coin Encyclopedia (part 1)

    Crypto Assets Currencies Bitcoin Type: Currency Consensus: Proof-of-Work Algorithm: SHA256 Website White paper Source code   Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, created and conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto in the midst of the financial crisis of 2008. Bitcoin utilizes a decentralized network that allows users to transact directly with each other without the need for middle […]

  • Rising From the Ashes – A Tale of Bitcoin Crashes

    Introduction While bull and bear markets are nothing new in the financial world, the crypto selloff in February 2018 led many investors to believe the cryptocurrency days were nearing their end. Many investors once bullish on crypto were suddenly worried that this event was different than the rest. Although crashes can be painful for investors, […]

  • Making Sense of Crypto Valuation

    Introduction   When meeting with sophisticated and institutional investors there are a few things I noticed keeping them on the sidelines.  Their concerns range from a lack of clear regulation coming from Washington, to a shortage of SEC-regulated, secure, custody solutions. The good news is each of these issues are gradually being resolved. Crypto regulation […]